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Sublime is a simpler, more communal way to build your second brain. It’s the easiest way to collect the bits and pieces of the Internet that matter to you, then watch how they intertwine with everyone else’s.

We’re on a mission to build a more human, more delightful, more intellectually nourishing Internet.

This Substack is Sublime’s writing home, and, while connected to Sublime, it is also my (Sari Azout) container for thinking and exploring the human side of tech, culture, and business.

It all began with the question "what do I want from the Internet?"

I knew what the social media feeds and search algorithms wanted from me.

I could feel them pulling me to use the Internet in a specific way.

But what did I want?

I want to follow my curiosity wherever it leads, without sifting through mountains of clickbait or empty SEO posts.

I want a space to collect the ideas that resonate with me. A gathering place for the people and topics I find interesting.

I want my links, notes, and highlights to contribute to a larger body of interconnected knowledge. A space that combines personal utility with social discovery.

I want to build an intellectual resonance trail in a space that feels equal parts personal and communal.

I want a place that recharges instead of drains me.

This vision feels like common sense to me.

And yet, nothing on the Internet currently allows me to do this.

Sure, I can combine a handful of bookmarking and note-taking tools to gather my knowledge in single-player mode.

But the future I want is a multiplayer one where my ideas can bump into others’.

That’s why I’ve spent the past two years building Sublime.

And it’s why I plan to spend the next decade (at least) making it as magical as possible.

I love the metaphor of "trails" to describe what we’re building.

A trail is both something you can create for yourself – making your personal internet more alive and generative and useful.

And it's also a gift you leave behind for others – giving them jumping off points to research, wander, and create their own trails.

I’ve come to think of Sublime as the trailhead leading into a more beautiful Internet.

If the ideas above resonate with you, you’re invited to come explore and grow this new world with us.


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